Employment Opportunities


Sterling House Community Center is hiring dynamic camp leaders for our 77th season of camp!

  • Our counselors are enthusiastic, optimistic, and excited to work with kids!
  • Our counselors look forward to jumping in the pool and playing games with their campers each day.
  • Our counselors are resourceful activity-makers, creating fun wherever they go.
  • Our counselors are adults! They are over 18 years old and are enrolled in higher education and/or have graduated.
  • Our counselors arrive each day ready to mentor, guide and inspire our youth.
  • Our counselors are reliable and responsible, timely and organized.
  • Our counselors are compassionate, patient and responsive to each and every camper.
  • Our counselors thrive in a phone and electronic free environment.
  • Our counselors have stamina! Rain or shine, 1st week of camp or the 8th week, they bring their A-game every single day.
  • Our counselors welcome feedback and strive to learn and grow.
  • Our counselors are engaged leaders and community lovers.

If this list describes you, we would be honored for you to join our team!

Please review the COUNSELOR JOB DESCRIPTION attached and submit the 2018 CAMP COUNSELOR APPLICATION and your resume to daycamp@sterlinghousecc.org.



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