About Us


Here, in this brick red house, with eight acres of rolling lawns and ancient, generously shading trees is an invasion of joy.

Here then, supplanting the tranquil life of more than a generation, all through the house and all over the fine lawn, are hundreds of youngsters who, well, they aren’t tranquil at all. Today the place belongs to them!

-Bridgeport Post, 1932

At Sterling House, we pride ourselves on being responsive to our community’s needs. When we see a need, we seek to fill it. Many know us for our athletics, food pantry, preschool, after school, summer camp, and more. But we are so much more…

There’s no typical day at Sterling House. Come see for yourself!

  • A group of rambunctious kids playing Legos in our 19th century library

  • A Girl Scout Troop cooking homemade pumpkin bread

  • A colorful soccer field filled with youth athletes on a Saturday morning

  • A note of outreach sent home to a community member who received a difficult health diagnosis

  • A bright room filled with women doing morning chair yoga

  • A morning spent finding resources for a mom

  • A mailbox stuffed with mac&cheese to donate to our food pantry

  • A joyful playground full of campers discovering friendship

We are small but mighty, homegrown yet professional, allowing us an opportunity to be flexible as the needs of our community change.

We lift one another up through everyday hardships.

We care. We connect. We serve.

In the words of our founder, Cordelia Sterling, we welcome ALL – “adults, children, and young people of the town, without regard to race or religion.” For 1932, she was far ahead of her time!