Sterling House Summer Camp Counselor


Reports to: Camp Director(s)

Supervises: Campers, Junior Counselors (JC’s), or CIT’s in your group

Specific Duties:

  • Works under direction of Camp Director and designated staff as part of camp team

  • Supervises all assigned aspects of the campers’ day including Morning Meeting, End-of-Day Meeting, all time slots, meal times, field trips, etc.

  • Attend special training as designated by Camp Director

  • Positively greets and communicates with the camper’s parents/guardians each day

  • Assumes responsibility for leadership and guidance of your campers with special attention to their personal safety, participation in all activities, mealtime behavior, and habits

  • Leads, participates in, and assists with activities as assigned in all areas

  • Creates a safe environment for all campers, while providing opportunities for discussion of individual campers or the whole group together of any problems or concerns within the group

  • Manages the behavior of his/her campers, especially regarding physical, emotional, or verbal abuse of others. No bullying allowed. Able to apply appropriate behavior-management techniques when necessary

  • Implements icebreakers/group-building activities on the first day of each session and ongoing to ensure the group becomes a community

  • Takes initiative to plan group activities in each assigned area

  • Supports the planning (with other staff) of camp-wide activities such as the Penny Carnival, etc.

  • Operates each assigned area during scheduled times (including meal times) while supervising behavior and activities of the campers, and any JC’s and CIT’s assigned to you

  • Maintains the cleanliness of the activity area to which he/she is assigned

  • Prepares all paperwork needed by administration including Attendance Cards, Field Trip forms and money, tracking your campers who need sunscreen or any other medications; applying sunscreen to your kids and filling out sunscreen forms

  • Assures that campers are signed out only by approved people designated by enrollment paperwork or notes sent in by parents/guardians

  • Ensures the health and safety of his/her campers, including sunscreen applications approved by parents, washing hands before every meal, proper eating habits, and hydration

 Additional Responsibilities:

  • Model, teach, and uphold the Sterling House Camp Code of Conduct while serving as a good example in personal language, appearance, and health habits

  • Build and maintain positive relationships with campers, parents, and other staff

  • Encourage physical, emotional and social growth and positive character development in all campers

  • Work to increase his/her own cultural competence and help to create an environment that values diversity

  • Prepared to do anything else deemed necessary by the Camp Director/s


  • Age 18/graduate from High School or older

  • Able to put others’ needs before own, stay on focus

  • Have a strong work ethic

  • Desire and ability to work with young people and adults in a camp setting

  • Have good character/ability to make difficult decisions sometimes

  • Flexible and able to accept supervisions and guidance

  • Good communication skills

  • Previous experience in a leadership training program at Sterling House Camp (JC) or an equivalent camp

  • Proven leadership ability with organizational skills and a talent for developing and leading a staff team

  • Possess a variety of skills and camping experience

  • Have a commitment to working with a diverse staff and camper population for the fulfillment of Sterling House Camp’s goals