Service Saturdays

Service Saturdays are a morning of volunteering consisting of a different project at a different location each month, with so many ways for individuals and families to help make a difference in their community. This is a great teaching moment for families to learn respect, empathy, and compassion for all of those in the community. Multigenerations are welcome to participate!

Please contact Pam Robertson for more information: (203) 378-2606 or

November 16th

The Great Rake - 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
We will assist the seniors and those with restrictions that don’t allow them to rake in our community by raking and cleaning their yard of fallen leaves, brush, etc. All ages are welcome! Wear your outdoor gear, wear your yard work gloves, and bring your rakes!

November 30th

Tree Sale Delivery - Approximately 7:00 am
We will assist in the delivery and set up of our holiday trees. This will start in the early morning at Sterling House, and will require some heavy lifting (lots and lots of trees!). While we welcome all ages, we strongly suggest that only those with the ability to lift over 30 pounds attend.

For those interested in volunteering as a family, selling hot cocoa or trees during tree sale hours may be more appropriate!