Specific Duties:

  • Serves as a member of the Camp Leadership Staff, meeting once a week.

  • Contacts parents by email and/or phone to be sure all necessary paperwork and medications are on base before the child begins their session.

  • Enforces all policies applicable to ensure that CT camp licensing standards are met.

  • Organizes, maintains cleanliness, and cares for the FIRST AID STATION area and all equipment stored there, keeps a needed supply list running.

  • Purchases the sunscreen needed for the campers. Makes sure that all staff maintain their log sheets properly.

  • Operates the area with a welcoming attitude during scheduled times, meeting the needs of the children with bumps and bruises.

  • Is prepared and trained for any or all requirements for medications to assist every child in having a successful summer

  • Maintains the supply of ice cubes and have baggies ready for the campers’ needs.

  • Maintains the First Aid Log as required by CT Camp Licensing.

  • Delivers the First Aid Log to the Doctor’s office every Friday and picks up the previous one.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Models, teaches, and upholds the Sterling House Park Code of Conduct and protects the wellbeing of all campers

  • Maintains positive relationships with campers, parents, and other staff

  • Encourages physical, emotional and social growth and positive character development in all campers

  • Works to increase his/her own cultural competence and helps to create an environment that values diversity

  • Prepared to do anything else deemed necessary by the Camp Director/s.


  • Over 21 years of age.

  • Previous experience in a leadership role at Sterling House Park or an equivalent experience

  • Proven leadership ability with organizational skills.

  • Holding a current certification in AHA or American Red Cross CPR for the Professional Rescuer, and American Red Cross Standard First Aid and Personal Safety Training required, Administration of Medications including Epi-Pen required and any other training that you may need for a specific child’s needs.

  • Leadership ability and teamwork oriented

  • A commitment to working with a diverse staff and camper population for the fulfillment of Sterling House Park’s goals.